Count Caluga Tula

From Circle Of The Crone

Name: Count Caluga Tula. Amongst the Circle Caluga is normally sufficient.

Clan: Daeva

Age: Somewhere around 150. Last record as a mortal is around 1850 in India.

Sire: He has never said who his sire is.

Position: Respected Hierophant of Southwark.

Role: Crone

Location: Southwark. For those who may not know Southwark is all of London south of the River Thames.

What you would know:

Caluga disappeared as a mortal in India around 1850. The next known record is about 10 years later, at which time he was Kindred. He makes no secret of the fact he was Embraced directly into the Covenant and the Cult of Kali. In the earlier parts of this century he was mostly in Istanbul. He arrived in the UK in the 1960's and settled in Southwark. For those who care about such things his mortal line is that of the Tzars of Russia, Russian Nobility, and he has made no secret this line goes back to Constantinople, well so he says.

He is a skilled Ritualist, a teacher. A politician only when he needs to be. Some say he is mad, perhaps so, certainly mad enough to walk into Lancea Sanctum gatherings to tell them how things are going to be. His teaching operates around some simple core philosophies. 1. Respect of all Acolyte Faiths. 2. Never asking an Acolyte to do something he would not do. 3. Valuing those who are young as a reminder of humanity. 4. Tribulation is never easy and should never be without purpose.

He is known to be devout of Kali and on a personal level to take a hard spiritual line, this appears to be what he expects of himself and to a certain extent others. It falls around the core concepts of the soul is sacred and immortal, the flesh is transient, and this remains so for Kindred. He has made no secret that as far as he is concerned Amaranth (Diablerie) is not merely a crime in the eyes of Kindred, it is a crime against the Devi and the Universe. He has made no secret that he will destroy a Diablerist on sight.

Hierophant for Southwark for many years, he did very little other than teach, sit tight, build. Slowly over time the Circle became the most eminent force in what was an Lancea Sanctum Domain. Never once was there confict with the Sanctified, never once a dispute. Then, when they fell by the hands of others there was nobody to take the Praxis other than an Acolyte of the Circle of the Crone. Some asked "why Southwark, why not London?". He has given two answers. "In Southwark I can do what I want", and "Faith makes the Sanctified more predictable."

These nights he is rarely seen without Sultan Jessica of Southwark, and she is even more rarely seen without him in close attendance. There are tales the Praxis change was not quite as he would have liked, that there was blood, something happened..... He admitted before all, on the Night of the Fathers in Milwaukee that he failed to protect one of the Circle, maybe this is linked?


The below may or may not be true. I am not saying.

Caluga believes himself to be semi divine, as the Hand of Kali. Her agent on Earth.

Caluga claims Livia of Rome as a direct mortal descendant, and given she made Tiberius and Caligula into gods, then he is also a god. Caluga was named by his mother in recognition of his ancestors. He believes himself to be of the Imperial Family of Rome.

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